Daniel Marc Chant

Daniel Marc Chant is an author of Horror and strange fiction, and co-founder of The Sinister Horror Company. His passion for H. P. Lovecraft genre and the films of John Carpenter inspired him to produce intense, gripping stories with a sinister edge. Currently based in Bath — a picturesque town in Somerset, UK — Daniel launched his début, “Burning House,” swiftly followed with the Lovecraft-inspired “Maldición,” the story of a lone survivor of a desert island plane crash fighting for his life with an ancient predator.

Daniel continues to hone his craft with a number of dark titles including “Mr Robespierre” and “Devil Kickers.”

He also created “The Black Room Manuscripts” a charity anthology featuring twenty stories from twenty experienced authors and talented newcomers.


Visit his official Website  or follow him on Twitter. He doesn’t bite. Much.