The Black Room Manuscripts Volume One

The Black Room is open, dare you enter?

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Horror Fiction

A new horror story anthology, The Black Room Manuscripts, delivers twenty stories from twenty experienced authors and talented newcomers. Authors include BAFTA winner Danny King, Adam Millard, Duncan Ralston, and seventeen others. All proceeds from the sale of the book will go to charity, Blue Cross UK. The foreword was written by Jim McLeod, founder of Ginger Nuts of Horror, one of Europe’s leading websites on all things horror. The afterword is from Jennifer Handorf, producer of the 2013 movie, The Borderlands.

The book is available in print and digital formats, both online and via local book stores.

The Black Room Manuscripts is a hugely personal anthology to me – it’s a place for authors of genre, old and new, to showcase their talent and compile an amazing assembly of stories for all horror fans. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to help a wonderful cause and improve the lives of countless animals across the UK.” – Daniel Marc Chant, creator of The Black Room Manuscripts

The Black Room Manuscripts includes tales of horror and dread by some of the genre’s best writers. The authors list includes Danny King, Adam Millard, Paul Townsend, Madeleine Swann, A S Chambers, Daniel Marc Chant, Duncan Ralston, Jeffery X Martin, Duncan P Bradshaw, J R Park, Thomas S Flowers, Vincent Hunt, Kayleigh Marie Edwards, Craig Anderson-Jones, Martin Jones, D K Ryan, Ian Caldwell, David James, Leo Stableford and Kit Power.

All of the contributors donated their time to promote animal welfare across the UK. With equal love for horror literature and the welfare of animals, the authors and editors are proud to present a wonderful and terrifying book that will help make the world a better place for thousands of animals.

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